Thread Cutting 1 Inch forks

I’m starting to do the call around for getting some thread cut on some forks (not much luck with the search button). Surprisingly there aren’t many shops that have the tool (interesting). Anyone know where I can get this done in Brissy?


i believe Gypsy had joe crossgrove to do it??..maybe im wrong

but gypo had the max forks i sold him cut down, so he would know who can/will do it.

Joe Cosgrove is the only one in Brisbane i would reccomend. He has Campagnolo cutting tools which are next level compared to the Park Tool cutter. A few bike shops have the tools but don’t know how to operate them properly, nor do they know 1" threaded still exists. Have seen steerers destroyed as well as the Park Tool destroyed in the process as its a rubbish tool. Call Gear Brisbane and they will direct you the right way and give you Joe’s number.

Possibly Ridgeway Cycles aswell


Cheers everyone. Really appreciate all the help! :smiley:

I can see certain bike shops having trouble with this

Amen. That place in Margaret St (?) that is now a Gold Cross slaugtered those really expensive AIS forks I bought.

^ But it’s ok cause two weeks later 'ghetto’d braked’the front wheel and wrote off the entire bike.

Got in contact with Joe Cosgrove. He was happy to help. :slight_smile:

I have Campy tools too but I wouldn’t use them to cut new threads on anything, especially if it has a chrome steerer. Not worth it, busts up the tools. I don’t blame any shop that thinks it’s a waste of time and money.