Thread trickery

I’m having some witchery/trickery/vampire shit go on with the forum… which has been happening well before the server migration. ANYWHOO… basically what it is is threads being highlighted as not read (the darker blue colour), then when I think to myself “ooo goodie, new giggles to read”, then I click in and it is the same old boring shit that I read 5 minutes ago.

Anyone else having the same issues?



That one always happens to me, even before the server change

yeah, that’s always happened to me. and threads with new posts don’t get highlighted. not all the time, just some of the time

Yeah, I get that too… Then see the last post was by me. :frowning:

You die a little bit inside every time it happens don’t you?

Yeah, a little bit. Especially during working hours.

Chin up mate, we can get through this.

I’m a moderator! I should be able to fix this!

get some counselling first though, so you are mentally tough enough tackle it properly.

Are you using the the ‘new posts’ and ‘mark forums read’ functions. If so, then not even the littlest giggle will evade your gigglometer, and you won’t have to worry about growing more synical re-reading threads.

I browse old school style

mmm if you hit “back” via browser then it won’t show threads as read, eg from here use the navigation tree at the top of page to go to the “pub”, ie you have to actively forward navigate through everything so that its reloading and current…

I get this other. weird, intermittent thing where I click on a page in a thread and no matter what page I click on it takes me back to the same page all the time. It’s vexing.

me too. if you comment at the bottom of any page it will post on the last page and magically unlock everything you couldn’t access before you posted. think we determined it was a browser issue for me (IE9 @ work)

hmmm could be that, happens on one of my lappies with IE9 but not the other, prob some obscure setting somewhere.

This solves it. But it this is the only forum where I have to do that to mark the threads as read.