Threaded headset adjustment- Pro tips??

My commuter Rocky Mountain has a nice NOS XT threaded 1 1/8 headset, however it constantly needs adjusting and it’s giving me the shits.
Also I’ve noticed it appears to be tightening itself after riding- and now it has a slight dreaded ‘notch’ in the centre.

Is it fucked or just needs a Pro fine tune?

note the cups orientation, knock them out, rotate ~90 degrees this can help with the notchy feeling.

as for adjustment, buy a 1 1/8th fork? or search out a grub screw locking ring? -dunno if they exist for 1 1/8th.

Blue loctite?

Weird it is tightening after riding.

I’ve given up on threadless headsets

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I do a lot of curb hopping etc, dunno it that counts

This is how I imagine h’s commute