Through the Heart of the Forest - Ride Report

My mate (Surly) Dave and I knocked out a backroads bike-camping trip through the Florentine, Styx and Plenty Valleys last week. Dave put pen to paper and the results can be found here under the title ‘Through the Heart of the Forest’:

If you like what you read, vote. Dave might get lucky and win himself a bike.

Looked like a ripper of a trip eh Benny

Sure was Pete

Having just driven 1700km’s of Tassie and seeing how beautiful it is, this makes me so envious. I’ll be back to ride ASAP. Voted!

Nice one Benny. Voted.

Thanks lads. Was a great little trip. Dave glossed over the river crossing a little in the story. Was deep and cold. I chose to put ALL my clothes in a dry bag, then wade across. Haha. Was a lot of laughs.