throw a spanner amongst the pidgeons

i’m not touching this one. :evil:


It’s very simple, we shouldn’t have to wear helmets. It’s not rocket surgery people.

The problem with laws is that they mushroom like rabbits.

Brought to you by the committee for mixed metaphor.

I ban people for a month from the shop if I catch them not wearing a helmet.
I have seen someone’s head afterwards and it ain’t pretty.


‘Laws’ yeah whatever. All I know is that I feel like my head is safer with a helmet on when riding.

paging the condom analogy to the thread …

… it’s fun without one, but if anything happens, you’re fucked

What the “pro-choice” lobby needs to realise is that if you injure your head because you weren’t wearing a helmet, you’re not the only victim. Other victims include:
[li]the society that subsidises your medical costs (i.e. me and everyone else who pays the Medicare levy), and[/li][li]the loved ones who have to look after you if you get hurt really badly, or if there’s brain damage, who may even find themselves living with someone they don’t know any more.[/li][/ul]

So if it was a purely individual choice whether to wear a helmet, I’d say do what you want, but as with so many apparently black and white issues, the reality is much more complicated than that.



Its beguning

I lived in copenhagen for a while and I never rode with a helmet there and it was fine… the city is set up for cyclists… but i did meet a few young people who had been hit by cars, over there and would always wear a helmet…

But in Australia where the roads encourage cyclists to be hit, (crossing the on/off ramps whilst on the M5 in Sydney) i think you would have to be a friggin idiot if you’re riding regularly without a helmet… And like Hakucho said when ur brain dead its not really you’re problem anymore



Hee-ee! Ooooh!

With all due respect…that’s fucking bullshit.

Should everyone have to wear helmets and armour? Pedestrians? Kids? Do you wear protective gear driving a car or crossing a street? If not, why not?

Why is cycling so incredibly dangerous that wearing a foam helmet tested to an 8km/h impact makes the difference between whether society subsidises your medical costs or not?

That’s a very slippery slope your balancing on.


I thought of another one - what about fat people? Why should I subsidise fat people who can’t be fucked exercising. Why aren’t there mandatory exercise laws and mandatory eat less laws?

Now see what you’ve done? I’m sliding down YOUR bloody slippery slope!

Does the pope shit in the woods?

Should everyone have to wear helmets and armour?


Always wondered why the people who think they’re

a) in a racing car
b) on a racetrack

don’t wear a helmet … maybe we should lobby for them to become mandatory … we’ve only their best interests at heart, after all. Maybe the hassle of wearing a helmet in a car will make cycling an option for some of 'em :wink:

what about us fat people who ride bikes and wear helmets?

(now I’M confused)

Stop eating
Quit smoking
Wear a helmet/ Armour
Don’t be a cock
Tell the truth
Do what your mumma told ya

All laws to be passed in a senate near you soon.

Anyone got any others??


Seriously though. Helmets. I’ll say the same thing I’ve always said. If you get brain damage or paralyzed I’m NOT wiping your arse for you. And I don’t expect anybody to wipe mine.

Helmetless riders must be rockin’ this tatt then:

click it … go on

the most dangerous thing to cyclists in australia is the australian attitude towards cyclists on the road.
i would much prefer to put the money i put into a helmet into a fund that would promote public education about cyclists.
until i can do that however i would put the money into a helmet, because when your out there and someone is taking their road rage out on you, you need all the help you can get.

i dont cycle in australia any more though so i don’t have to worry. most people cycle in europe. most country towns are only made possible because of everyones use of the bicycle, most drivers cycle as well, and in fact they give you an almost irritatingly wide birth on country towns in france and germany.

so i dont have to wear one anyway yay