[b]The prequal the Australasian Polo Championships in Brisbane is here!

RVRCTYFXD & Le Pista Resistance presents,[/b]

THROW UP! The Tournament…

Where: West End, Brisbane, Queensland!

When: May 29th & 30th 2010.

Rules: TBC. In short, the tournament runs very differently to normal. All mallets are lined up. 6 are picked out and thrown up! Every plays the same amount of games and tally’s are kept of wins/losses/for/against for each game. Everyone is then ranked. Top 12 are then thrown up and play semi’s. Semi’s determine finals. Pretty much your individual talent is on the line.

Prizes will be handed out for winners/losers and most valuable player on court/scorecards. Beers will be drank, stories will be told and good times will be had. Please let us know if your interested or not. You don’t need to be in teams to come. Just you and your mallet is required and we’ll do the rest. We can arrange beds for interstaters!

Peace out.



Fuck yeah!

Loving the sound of this… Scratch match just got serious!

Same weekend as Melburn Roobaix! I’m so torn!

^pfft, this is a no brainer, dan. polo. :wink:

Shit i knew something else was on, just couldn’t remember what!

Would the next weekend suit the Melbournites better?? So first weekend of June??

A $10 entry i am thinking… Thoughts?

Aiming for a big cash prize pool + some goods from sponsors!

$10 sounds fine.

Were you planning to throw in again after the semi? Or keep the same teams for finals

Thanks for the heads up gypsy

Hey I’m a little confused tho… is this an entirely separate event to the Nationals? or do people have to attend both to compete?

$10 sounds alright, would pay a bit more for a BBQ too :slight_smile:

Totally separate.

Throw up again for the final. any objections to that or thoughts?

wow i knew you would find a way to make polo an indervidual sport gyp? but you have really out done yourself with this one. haha fuckin love this idea. cound me in.

also im keen to throw a couple of hat’s and shirt’s at the cause. (gyp ill show you the new design today at work.

also i hhave connections with one of the backpacker’s for anyone comming from interstate that doesn’t want cauch hoppin. good rate’s and not far from city, :smiley:

yeahh a tourney!!!

oz never play in teams???only throw in or what??

Teams at nationals

throw up! is a more relaxed format so anyone interstate can come up and doesn’t have to feel like they need to bring a team.

I reckon it’s a good idea, it eliminates the chances of having one or two really good teams that dominate the whole day, which can get a bit boring. It will be awesome to see the rivalries on the day, one game you’re going head to head with you’re nemesis, next game you are playing with them on the same team. It will be a rocking tournament, pity it’s so long away though…


Hey Gypsy, I have created you and Dan an account on, (let me know if you want me to reset your password you can post the invite there, and the nationals info when you get it together too)


FYI the Melbourne Autumn Tourney is usually on around those dates :slight_smile: last year it was 30th and 31st of May

We could move it ahead by a few weeks… your thoughts?

usually? Whilst I like the idea of annual tournaments, it’s not usual… yet.

Of course we shouldn’t clash with the roubaix either. But anytime nearby in “autumn” should be fine. (don’t go shifting the Australia day tourney though :slight_smile: that’d be… un australian.

good to see Adelaide hosting their first tourney this weekend too, though It’d be interesting to see how the ‘scorer must sub off’ rule affects the game play.

Sounds great. Count me in.
I can sponsor but is it a conflict of interests? :wink:


we’d love to have you onboard.

as jol, i d be happy to sponsor this event too… here is my product