thursday track madness

Just back from a thursday evening spectatorin’ at DISC - it was awesome, D, C, B and A grade scratch, points and motorpace events. Lots of riders and the A graders were damn fast!

Congrats to Mr. Cunt - first in the B grade motorpace with some smooooth tactical riding

I’m thinking of making it a weekly trek - any other lurkers interested in popping down? I know it’s a school night and all, but the action is done by 10pm… BYO thermos :slight_smile:

What time is kick off? I’ll bring the 1.25 ltr bottle of cola with the a Jack Daniels pre-mix :wink:

I’d be in for that, Jack Daniels aside (I’d opt for Morgan’s Spiced instead).

Jack Daniels!!!

Done done done done done done done…

Bring on the Queensland Diesel

Rhino, I thought you’d have been converted by now.

its on Tap up there!!!