Ti track

nice giraffe bike

i’ll prob flip the stem.

nice…some specs please

litespeed frame
mavic ellipse wheels
thomson steadpost, stem
deda handlebars
sugino 75 cranks
sugino chainring
DA cog
fizik saddle

that’s a serious amount of flex on your body

hence why i’ll prob flip the stem

That looks awesome Murray! So much better with the paint removed.

How much does it weigh?

Are you that tall? :evil:

Looks fantastic! Would love to see in at DISC…

mckenny as per your other thread what would be your comment on this bike??

horatio: it’s got really strange geometry. sorta fits like a 58cm and yep, it, along with me are DISC-bound.

fraser: dunno, but it’s a lot lighter than any other bike i own

daacha: surely any commentary i provide on my own bike is going to be way too subjective. knock yourself out though.

why can i only see half a bike there, from what i can see it’s alright

How long is that seat post?, and is it inserted to below the top tube? You might do some damage if it’s not. Like, I’m basing that on an old damaged frame I have that appears to have not had enough seat post in it. Everyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

it’s a 330mm post and am pretty sure it should go into by a about 35mm into the top tube by my rough calculations.

cool. It’s super nice!

the amount of ‘post’ looks a little strange, but the bike looks fucking sick man.

it looks a bit higher than it actually is in that pic. the drop from the seat to the bars is only about 15 mm lower than on my white bike.

all you haters suck my ti.

mckenny i’m having way too much fun reading your comments to even go there !!