Tighter geo step-though (ladies) frame.

Does anyone know of a ladies step-though frame that has that has following…

Tighter geometry than convential 80’s step-though’s.
(Preferably) 1" threaded forks / quill stem.
Takes 700c (not made for 27").

Mrs JLN not ZLTN wants a step though. She curently rides a track bike with nice tight geo. She has a step though, but it’s big, massive, geared and needs a service. She saw a mixte frame and wants something like that and it has be fixed. Basically she wants to be able to ride in pretty dresses with her handbag in the front basket…

Long story short, does anyone know of a frame that exists like this…?

If I found something that ran 26" wheels, could I run 700c on it?

And to answer my own question…

The SOMA Buena Vista.

A true mixte frame with the double top tube/stays. Obviously offers lots of standover height and style as well. You’ll find the geometry is more sporty, than comfy. Though it can be built up to suit either demeanor. Drop bars? Sure. Moustache bars? Of course.

Only bad thing is it’s 1 /18" steerer and all the ugly Soma decals probably aren’t removable.

Have a look for a Peugeot mixte. They’re the best. Great geometry, easy conversion to 650B if you want, came stock with stainless fenders.

The early Shogun (nishiki) mixtes were 27", and the ‘top tube’ stays are too close together, very flexy. The later ones were 700C and on their way to hybrids, look naff. Master Sports (Aus) did a nice frame, but in 27". If you get lucky you may find a Cr-Mo Cecil Walker mixte, they do exist.

Tektro R556 brake (a pair in the forsale forums right now) will sort your 27" worries.

26" -> 700C will very likely have brake reach issues.

If you’re willing to spend some more cash, get the Soma Buena Vista.

Sportier geo, works with modern components

“Primary decals will be on top of clearcoat and thus removable”

Master Sports

Peugeot 650B conversion


Where was this when I asked for Step through porn on the ‘Bike Porn’ thread?

Also there is an old yellow peugeot mixte that has been locked to a bike rack for about 2 months. Someones obviously forgotten about it, I’m thinking about stealing it.

I know someone who has a pug mixte complete with a bent fork hangin in his shed.
I’ll ask him what wheel size, it is and see if he’s interested in parting with it if you like?

peugeot mixtes may have a french bb.
my missus’ did.
(pink one)

JLN, you do know about the Velo Orange mixte right? In stock now.

The Mixte has full braze-ons for fenders and racks, including douple drop-out eyelets. There is one bottle cage mount.

It is brass brazed from double-butted chrome-molly tubing. The wheels are 700c and maximum tire size is 38mm. It uses extra-long reach caliper brakes. Note that the rear caliper is elegantly mounted on the mid-stay, so there is no awkward cable routing as with many mixte frames. The rear dropouts are horizontal so either internally-geared or derailleur drive trains work perfectly.

USD$700, but intro pricing is USD$499. Commuter Cycles in Melbourne have an account, but you can order direct.


oh, and if you put a 700c fork on the 27 frame it steepens it and makes it tighter if that’s your thing