Timber flat bars

Anyone know where I could find some timber flat bars ? Saw some on a bike on the way up to the rooftop cinema in Melbs when I was there last and they looked rather fancy . . .

Cheers Jordy


embedded in the body of someone who’s stacked with them on

dammit, all the jokes have already been taken :smiley:

User chisim has some on the boil even talking about doing ones with some rise. I was a bit sceptical at first but he isn’t using a broom handles and is using laminates for strength. I will pm his email address.

oils ain’t oils, timber ain’t timbers.

Castrol GTX Commercial - Oils Ain’t Oils

About a year ago there was a dude mentioned on all the blogs who made them. IIRC, LAM was a big fan…

I´m pretty sure however they were more style over function. For instance I doubt they are designed to be used on anything other than a show bike.


fatboy, fastboy?

Someone like that on teh internetz make em.

a tree



If they can make cars out of timber I am sure you can make bars strong enough :smiley:


dafsffs http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php/topic,4205.0.html

You can seriously just use a broom stick, it will take heaps of torque. dont let anybody tell you different, you’ll be fine

really tighten that stem to, i mean really tight

perfectly safe.

i know people who have done it. you should do it.

do it.

shortsie always aiming for some blood to spill :evil:

What really intrigues me is the availability of these wooden rims!


Who’s game enough to try them?

Wooden aircraft are still flying and once it was the only construction material used.

i have seen bamboo tubs as well.
these would look hawt on my nice polished harden bacon slicers. group buy anyone?

Why stop at bars and rims?