Timber is real?

Custom Bent Wood Eco Warrior bicycle sustainable art | eBay

4 x 2 Recycled wood recumbent bicycle. Eco Warrior | eBay

Lightning bolts! A skull! Whats not to love?

The wood work on the first one is pretty nice but it’s let down by all the exposed bolt ends, backwards bars and gears. Makes me want to go out and build one with a ss coaster hub set-up.

I’d be interested to know what ply they used and where the timber was sourced from.

I offer a dead on arrival warrenty.



Selling an “Eco warrior” bike potentially made from old growth timber?

Haha. Probably poured petrol on the leftover bits of timber and burnt it.

and then caught a whale, and cooked it on his illegally logged fire. Then rode away in the sunset on his wooden bicycle.

Japanese shipbuilder creates wooden bicycles - Cyclelicious

This guy definitely eats whale. Definitely.