Time Pedals

ok, looking to maybe switch over to time pedals.
some guys at CMWC were swearing by them.
claims of zero pullouts, and super tight fit, while still being able to realease easily were being bandied about.
now i have a line on some cheap old ATAk’s and a new set of ATAk E1’s for crazy cheap, and i’m trying to get a little general feedback.
who likes them, who hates them, who won’t use them, who won’t use anything else.
please don’t bother telling me how i should buy “insert pedal here” cause i’m not really interested, these are very cheap, and everything else will cost more.
it’s either these times, or i’ll stick with the SPD’s i’ve got.

Loved mine when I used them but I am a sucker for the latest and greatest so tried Crank Brothers Candy’s.
Then I wanted to try the weight weenie thing so bought some Eggbeaters.
Now I have them on 2 different bikes and dont really want a 3rd bike with different cleats and that is the only reason I do not have ATAC’s on a bike now.

The ATAC’s offer all the float of the CB’s along with the ease of clipping in and out. Supposedly they are also more robust than the CB’s too. I would recommend the ATAC’s to anyone who was considering them.

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TIME’s are awesome, have float, are bulletproof and you will never pull out of them.

I recently bought some NOS 2002 ATAC Alium pedals from the Guys at EPX bikes here in Melbourne and they’ve been working a treat on my fix. (and they were only $60)

I’ve ridden a set of even older Aliums for years now on my hardtail, both for off-road and communting. They must be up to about 5-6 years service now. They have little to no bearing play and work fine.

i got home this evening, read the last post here and pissed myself laughing.
i picked up a set of ATAk XE pedals and was trying them out on the ride home. sliding down edward street and POK, out i clip.
goddamn it, i just want a set of pedals i can skid round on all day and not have my foot pop out and accelerate me into traffic!
acually it’s probably my technique as much as anything. i seem to have to pull up with my lead foot way to much. i get the feeling i should be locking my rear leg better or something. i’ll have to actually watch someone doing it right while i’m sober, not in the condition i was in in sydney…

gotta admit tho, i love the feel of the times. so easy to unclip and yet they feel really strong while i’m skidding. just wish i could tighten them up even more.

Hey Mr Wolf,

Unless there is something wrong with that pedal, (and not that I’m being judgemental or anything), I’d say that it probably is a technique thing - do you ride with your ankles out at an angle perhaps?

I was going to add that I have pulled out of my TIMEs, but that was when I was tooling around and my foot/ankle was way beyond the float angle of the pedal… But that doesn’t count does it? I would have clipped out of any type of pedal at that angle…

yeah, i’m pretty sure my technique sucks. i have a sort of lock rear leg pull like hell with fore foot thing going on. it works, and works with full weight over the rear wheel , but as for technique… nah. i needs the helping on that one i think.

don’t know if you did this already, but you should put the ‘L’ cleat in your right shoe and the ‘R’ cleat in your left shoe, and then you get 30 degrees before you unclip instead of 15 degrees i think. 15 degree release is too risky in my opinion.

i swear by my time atacs. picked em up for a song at ray’s bicycles on sydney road, where they’d been sitting for a decade or so. i’ve had them on my work bike for 4 months now, and the cleats are still fine, and i haven’t unclipped once not on purpose. before that i had spds and plenty of scary unclippings. i think the problem with them is that the steel cleats wear the pedals out pretty quickly. also i think less cleat is gripped by the pedals.

also you should learn to skid unclipped by hooking your front foot under the pedal. nifty trick, and might save your bum!

I vote for ATAC, they are the Mutts Nutts. :mrgreen:

However, do not go thinking that Time Impacts are anything near similar. They aren’t. They are shit.

What were Time thinking.

Riding with ATACs for over 6 years on MTB, singlespeed, geared and fixed, never a single leg pull out. You must be twisting your rear leg through the transition from stationary to moving. Get a cast on that mother !