time to dust off your sheriff stars

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i thought these were unanodised aluminium?

alexb618 is going to be stoked…

Yeah i have one set and want a road set.

this is not even close to a crazy price, in fact $600 is cheaper than a lot of absolute garbage getting around.

Dude, 4 days left and people are getting on the bidding war. You’ll do pretty well off of these.

Just don’t go spend it all on H & B.

No spend it on B+H.

No, they are anodised. If that’s salt or corrosion the buyer is gonna be so out of luck if they’re wishing for something that presents well. Also the Wheels Manufacturing axle is just saying “not original campy axle” … it’s not bad but where’s the original axle?

Price is a bit high … it may have run up early and may stay there. Who knows? If someone really wants them they’ll pay whatever they can afford.

the seller is alexb618? the only feedback for the seller is alexb618?

i put in a pretty hefty and early “knockout” bid, i was 400+ above current at time of bid, has been surpassed, whoever is showing as b**8 is wants them real bad, they’ve got 20 of 26 bids so far, haha i love seeing people go bonkers incremental bidding, just to find out where they high bid is, only to get smat by someone last minute, not original axles is that a massive issue? can source replacements

Retail on a couple of Campy axles will make your eyes water…

shit the axel nuts are $50 for front and $50 for rear,
I need c rcord crank dust caps they are $75 plus postage.

havent moved for 4 days…

speaking of Sherrif Stars, has anyone seen the ‘INTERESTING’ wheelset in this listing?


Their not Campy, The frame isn’t SLX either

this guy pops up all the time, with his “this ideally approaches the rider of size blah”, you’d be game to buy anything kvant/kbaht/whatever online wouldn’t you? sketchy russians…
and those “deputy” stars have been up before on their own, i reckon they’ve just machined them in the shed and anodised them black

i have a nos C record lock ring for sale…

yes, hence the ‘INTERESTING’ wheelset.

Besides the fact that they look great, I’m not too sure what peoples fixation is with Sherrif Star hubs when they’re so widely known for cracking in the flange.

i quite like that ‘fake sherff stars’/mavic wheelset

They only crack when people ride them on the street, do skids and crash hard.
At one time every top sprinter in the world rode them plus i have never seen a sexier set of hubs.
This said i only ride mine on the track.

I had a couple of track set and a road set (somewhat rarer) … never an issue.