Time to sell all your parts Horatio (11sp DA9000 mech)

DA-9000 is here and it’s gone 11 speed.

What happened to DA8000? New track groupset?

Source: GPLama

What’s the rated power level of these new cranks?

Do you think that one day, when component manufacturers run out of options for increasing cog #'s in the rear that they’ll start marketing fewer cogs and spin the marketing to sell less as more? All new 9 speed, then New 8 speed the year after, then The NEW 6/7 speed and then NEW!!! 5 and 4 speed … before building the ultimate 1 speed. Oh wait … that’s been done already?

I got no probs with multi speeds … gears are good (especially for old guys like me). I’m just curious as to where the numbers race will end? 11 speed Alfine seems pretty cool, and Rohloff’s really have their place as does the possibility of sequential shifting with electronic derailleur gear changing (awesomeness !!!).

I’m all for gears and modernity, they all work well. I just wish for simplicity and less obsolescence.

then you’re not trying to fit in, are you…

I like how spizzi works up there, I think they can atleast et to 16 speed before they run out, have you seen how thin you can get chains? Once they figure out how to get necklaces really strong dudes and girls we be finding a new chain size for your fixed gears !

2013 release date seems about right for the usual 5-year product cycle. Good to see the cranks are still aluminium hollowtech!

I wonder the same about razors. Will they have 23 blades in a year’s time?

I think this sucks. I was thinking in 2 or 3 years my next bike would have Di2, but I don’t want 11 speeds because it throws my whole balance out. 10 is a nice even number.

better act now then Rhys, before it gains an extra gear!

I thought so too. 10 was the ultimate number, the crescendo, the zenith … who could possibly want more gears? Shows what I know. I don’t need any more gears but I like new/modern/improved.

Maybe Sheldon Brown’s echo is still in my head but I think 8 good gears is probably enough (for most people). In saying that I’d still like to see sequential shifting and a computer/gear brain that maps out all the ratio’s so that all I have to do is press the + or - buttons. That’s one case of dumbing down that I think makes sense and is kind of inevitable. Of course all the half-step + granny gear, alpine and crossover gearing exponents will emerge and get all defiantly wistful about double shifting, and manually remembering all the combo’s possible. I’d rather just roll along and be blissfully ignorant.

i clicked on this thread 'cause i thought it was titled “Time to sell all your pants Horatio”

Interesting no BB30 option?

You don’t need extra gears. Apparently, what you do need nowadays is more RAPHA !

I read an interview with some Shimano bro, they asked why no BB30, his reply was something like “Why, are you experiencing flex from your cranks?” The interviewer admitted that he hadn’t. What a smartarse though!

hear hear.

Electronics, consumer goods, cars… planned obsolescence is getting worse and worse. Solution? Ride a steel fixie and wear ‘timeless’ Rapha

So does this mean that all frame builders that want to OEM with Shimano need to go PressFit30?
Or will that start using FSA cranks with this kit because Shimano won’t do the BB for their frames?

I’ve had 11 speeds for quite a while now… It’s quite nice…/
A bit like rapha :wink:

Interesting the option of a 52/36T crank- I reckon that’s a pretty nice combo.

a 36 is still too small for most people imo, a lot of hubbards will be tooting about in the 52 to get their cadence to a controllable non bouncy level

cruising around in the big ring is just embarrasing

You obviously don’t subscribe to the compact crankset ethos?