Time to sell all your parts Horatio (11sp DA9000 mech)

not unless you live in the alps, not really

compacts have that annoying huge jump that you need to make in the front too… i had a compact once, never again

I hear you. Shifting between 34 and 50T also sucks balls.

I have compacts and the shifting in the front is ace!
The set up is a bit different to non compact rings, you have to push the cage to ring gap out towards the recommend max, once you get it right it’s very sweet…

I don’t live in the alps but I do a lot of climbing and wanted to get in the habit of spinning more…
Pretty happy with the change in climbing style and it helps alot when you do get out to the bigger hills

And for the record big ring riding totally rules and looks better

Not to wave my massive wang around, but when I had my 55/42 the front shifting was like snapping your fingers. And yeah, who doesn’t get flex from their cranks?

I’m a bit more sensible these days, and a 52/36 sounds like a pretty good option. If I could run a 55/39 though, this would be ace.

but these go up to 11.

Surely they could put 3 on the front, for maximum gears.

Agreed, bring back the triple- 33 gears!

Maybe this is SRAM’s big secret release coming up.

What shall I dooo?? Upgrade the 7900 kit to Di2, or wait and upgrade complete to 11speed???

Kanye, something we can agree on, BigRingingRules!!

Why don’t you just make 10 the same as 11?

That’s the Marshall groupset.

Ev, going mechanical to di2 might create some installation problems with wiring etc.

let’s hope it’s not “one louder”, my gears are already loud enough and i only have 8.

Nah Rhys, apparently the Pinarello frame is ripe for drilling, the guys from the shop went to head office in Turin earlier in the year and were shown how-to.

Scary I know…

You could just do the right thing and get super record 11…
It is very good

i love my sram rival. but the front shifting with a compact crank is pretty average.

The factory SRAM rings don’t shift the best…
A nice set of TA or stronglight rings would improve things greatly
Even better are the Praxis rings, I’m getting a set of them with my new crankset

This, i ride around flat areas in the 53 and im no gun.

I have a compact on my road bike. It was good two years ago when i wasn’t strong. Now, it’s shit. After i get back from Tour of Bright this weekend, I’m going 39/53.

Main reason I went for Ultegra, tbh.

Ev: I reckon hold off for a bit. Yours is still going strong, by the time you can go Di2 11 speed you’ll be able to afford a Cipollini. :slight_smile: