Time Trial Frame

Hey anyone know what frame is this?? I know its a time trial frame…Wonder is it really hard to find one??

It’s a Carter.

And yes, funny bikes are relatively uncommon, much sought after, and probably a bitch to ride on the road for any length of time. I’d love one.

Thats one freaking sexy bike right there…
How come is a bitch to ride?? Because they r stiff and the geometry is uncomfortable??


Becasue the front end it so low… not so good for manoeuvring

There was a Daccordi funny bike frame that finished on ebay only a few days ago. I think it passed in without a bid. Starting bid: $600.

Bending over and copping an ass-paddling from your favorite dominatrix would be more fun than riding on of those through peak hour traffic.

But that being said like, yellow snowflake, I want one as well (and a dominatirx). Gonz does do nice work, he had that particular machine up for sale at $5000.00, mainly because he really doesn’t want to sell. But given that ammount of money Gonz would be keen.

the bike using 650c front…I wonder how would it looks like if 700c was used…


Or Funny (ha)

Headangle would be as relaxed as a chopper (and new fork req’d to do so).

It might look kind of stupid because the 700c probably wouldn’t fit into the fork.

something like:

Knarly fork crown overlap and down tube clearance.

[whatever snowflake said]

Um isn’t that what Mikey was eluding to? Smart one dumb one :evil:

I allude to a lot


It’s alluding.

If you’re gonna hang shit, then do it properly!

Damn I was sure I had the word right. See I was trying to appear smart, but now I shall have to elude.


"Knarly fork crown overlap "

hahahahaha… thats a goodun.
that is a super rad bike, and i dunno why you guys wouldnt like to ride it all day. smaller wheels are easier to banouver (or is that only in my head?) and a low front end is where the action is. i dare say the seat-bar drop on that isnt as exteme as many, many drops you see on most track bikes, but than i guess that assumes that people actually try to put their hands where their grips are
and can i just say that FGG has been even more of a pleasure than usual of late… more and more builders that i’ve never heard of, and less shit that i hate.

Only because of our spines.

"Only because of our spines. "

thats like girls never wanting to go out in the sun so they dont have wrinkles when theyre older
be as rad as possible when youre young and deal with whatever nastiness comes later
our knees will all implode from our braking before our backs snap in half, and then we’ll be tricking out our motorised wheel chairs with titanium harware and NOS mag chin pads for steering.

You know thats the way i roll. I don’t own one cause i can’t find one for the right price.

Fuck yeah!

it would kill your balls and your spine but I’d get one in a heartbeat.