Time trial trike!

Bob Jackson 21

Twin v brakes!

Damn, I hadn’t noticed that!

guess it makes up for no brakes on the back.

Get a few and have a ‘TTTT’

Now I have seen it all.

Yeah, makes you wonder who/why it was built…

The only other ‘nice’ trike I have seen was for a cyclist who developed some sort of motor/nueron problem and couldn’t balance on a trad. bike any more.

Trike racing was big in the UK, also trike conversions, Holdsworth advertised one in their catalogue.
There was a very well known trike maker down near me Ken Rogers
While they are associated with para cyclists, they were surprisingly popular, trike crits and road races were terrifying to watch.
the double front brake is a standard, now it’s a bit easier to fit discs on the rear wheels, axle, but the double front seemed to work, also saw calliper and hub brakes on the front. Gosh brings back memories, can you imagine riding one through city traffic?
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worked on a few of them, some had diffs in the rear axles, but I couldn’t ride them, had to deliver one once, ended up walking it, ok in a straight line, but corners, different world!

/\ True. Never knew that.

I see its taken seriously (from the site you linked)

They are still being made, Trykit and Longstaff are the main builders. Tandem trikes are fun to watch cornering fast. Differentials are rarely used now. Double freewheels feed power to the rear wheel with most traction, rather than the one with the least traction.

This pretty much tells me everything I need to know about trike racing