Timely article...

Found this on The Age front page:

Come in spinners

Published on the same day as the Vic Gov cuts spending on cycling infrastructure to $0…

Budget allocations - Bicycle Network Victoria

there’s also this - VicRoads baulks at ‘dooring’ demerit push | Greg Barber inquiry

I think it is inevitable that the government will eventually come to its senses and get back on track, but it has burned up what little credibility and goodwill remained—it will be some time before their claims to be good transport managers will be taken seriously again.


fucking shitbags…

They were happy to spend half a billion bucks on 3.5 km of train line out to South Morang though. Gives me the shits.

some who will happily pay $20,000 for a bespoke bicycle fitted with a range of accessories that may push the total closer to $30,000.

they interviewed sugarkane?

Then your personal choice in cycle technology is added. This includes push-button electronic gearing (the equivalent of the semi-automatic gearboxes now fitted to cars), carbon-fibre wheels and disc brakes.
disc brakes on a road bike? wut?

The road cycling scene has exploded in the past five years, replacing golf as the executive elite sport…the early-morning cycle group, followed by the mandatory coffee, is where the majority of business networking is done these days.

Trek, Giant and Cervelo all make entry level carbon-fibre bikes retailing from $1500 to $4000, depending on the apps.
er, if you’re gonna write an article about douchey cyclists you might wanna get your terminology right…

i like that bio-mechanics is a ‘buzzword’.

i stopped reading after this joke

What does the purple line mean?

It means Ted Baillieu is a fucking arsehole.

It’s pointing at the 0?

more importantly what does a $0 budget for cycling infrastructure actually mean? (other than that ted baillieu is a fucking arsehole)

Ah no shit- zero dollars? That’s incredible.

can i formally suggest that the mudpit at DDCX is referred to as the “Bailleu pit” from now on?

it’s a trendline, based on who knows what values.

this is what the trendline looks like when applied to whole data series.

Yeah what I was getting at, I mean if you look at it as a whole, the trend is positive.

you forgot to say “moving forward, into the future”

Up until the $0 part!

well, you know i blue-skied it and flying at 40,000 feet i really got a whole-of-business perspective on this one. moving forward we can expect synergies and mongruelbuggerbitchbumbastardpoopantsifuckbowlsofjelly

+1 to that.

I welcome this zero dollars because it means i can finally go back to pretending I am an outlaw on my track bike…smashing car doors, t boning pedestrians, and delivering severe U lock justice. Just like in the good old days when no one gave a fuck about you and you thus responded with severe bodily harm.

I means no cash has been put aside for new projects to start in the next financial year. It means no Maribyrnong bridge, no La Trobe st redevelopment, no new yarra river bike link. It doesn’t mean they’ll never happen - just that there is no money budgeted to pay for it - so the money will need to be found - or the projects delayed. It means Baileu is a sphincter.