tiny bundy road

Triathlon/road bike for sale | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Blacktown Area - Blacktown | 1030213042

$250 bargain

excellent, would buy.

Passed onto a friend, hopefully she gets out there for it. Looks perfect for her.

There is always someone on FOA looking for a tiny roadie!

I spoke to the owner last night. He said it’s a 44 seat tube, 50 top tube.

I didn’t think you could go that small with 700c wheels, but I think Peter has raised the BB.

The guy also said his 12 yr old kid rides it. Keeps up with 30kph bunch rides and does 70 on the downhills.

Was considering it for my gf but 50x50 would suit her better.

someone in Melbourne with Erin’s number should show her this.

Going on wednesday to scoop this up for my friend.

She’s quite small, but this may be too small, if anything I’ll give it a shine and hock it onwards if it doesnt suit. She may just have to run heaps of post.

The BB does look raised actually. Would consider it for my lady if it was nearer, she has a 48x51tt and that is tiny, this looks slightly smaller again.

edit: I thought it was in melbs for some reason!

Back off drozzy

Unsure why, my friend called the guy and organised a time?

Unless someone else here is jacking up the price? Or an oppurtunistic seller.

Its on! As the seller is only minutes from my place, might go for a quick drive. The wife needs a new roadie, should be bang on for size.


This whole “I’m going to look next week” never works,
If the sellar has some one phone up with cash it’s as good as gone.
Here’s my hot tip, strike while the irons hot

good advice.

I might be closer than you ha ha race?

Anyone made progress on this? I have a friend who might be keen, but it’s not urgent and I’ll be doing all the work

My mate was going to get it last night but I had to cancel due to some bullshit with my studio/workshop.

The seller was a bit dodgy, couldnt specify an exact time to pickup, pretty much just wanted the most money he could get, as soon as he could get it.

She arranged to meet him at 8pm, for the listed price. Bob had said someone else had offered more ($300). He made no mention of this to my friend and we had no intention of going to Blacktown for him to jack up the price.

He then said someone was coming at 7.30, if we got there earlier we could have it.

Douchebag seller material.