tk2 + rattlecan =


Need to get a black chain and chainring bolts to complete the how much more blacker can it be look!

Looks freakin sweet.
You just need to wait for that chain to get a bit grubby.

It’s like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black. </spinal tap>

Good to see that you are catering to the “colour blind” section of the community, Nath. I think that it’s missing black pinstripping, black flames, black tribal tattoo decals and a black rider. Are you going to ‘rattle-canning’ yourself? :wink:

It reminds me of the original Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy TV series, Disaster Area’s stunt ship, "a black sign just appeared, on a black screen, with a black back light, in black writting.

Will you be wearing a ‘little black dress’ to compliment the new colour scheme?

Wow, you scrub up alright don’t ya Craig? You got your name on the door at DT’s mate? :evil:
hehehehe enter evil laugh here


feathers - yeah!

Don’t flirt with me big boy… After you’ve bought me drinks and amal nitrate at DT’s, you can take me to one of those “all male” sauna’s that you frequent, Chris.

I like it! It’s a ninja bike for those from outta nowhere suprise attacks :lol:

To be ridden with T-shirt Ninja!


You’ve turned black up to 11 </ more spinal tap>

A+ for psychological advantage. Do you pilot this to get home?

It’s hot nath, you know it is :slight_smile:

chromeo; i don’t think that chain is going to be getting grubby anytime soon…

I just noticed the pedals, How do you find speedplays at the track? Ever pullout of them? Are they the track versions of them?

Got any blacker?

I’m not sure I’m ready to handle all the awesome responsibilities of shirt ninja just yet :slight_smile:

Garth: Those are the old Speedplays (X series). They were very good new, but the pedals and cleats have worn flat spots in them now and rock side-to-side a little - just enough to be uncomfortable. But even worn as they are, you can’t pull out of them unless you pull the screws out of your shoe, or twist your foot heaps. Apart from the engagement slop due to wear they have been excellent on the track so far.

Did you prep the frame, or just spary paint away…

Prep? No, I just pulled all the parts off, cleaned it with Simple Green, masked the holes and then sprayed on a coat of Dulux. Some areas were a bit thin, so I touched them up and let dry overnight. Done.

Do yours the same and then we can do that madison we discussed last year :slight_smile:

Fairy Nuff