To all who stare at monitors and spend hours a day listening to music -

Streaming services?

I frequented a lot, but, it’s a paid service now. Pandora was great when I lived in the US, but alas, no more -

I’ve started using - It’s all remixes. Type a word/genre in, play the first track, and it will follow on to the next and loop. I like it, but, there must be others?


soundcloud is good, cousin showed me another one
you can make playlists n shit
pretty sick…house,house and more house.
Shadowradio…DJ shadow ramblings from NYC. …adelaides finest indi fm station

not streaming as such, but loads of good long players

mate best is, and it loops just like you said.
what i normally do is go to sub heading - popular then start from the top.
They get updated every 3 days, and needs votes to get up the top so you never get bored and constantly find new songs. have fun :smiley:

RIP muxtape :frowning:

I’m pretty sure you can access pandora with a couple of tricks. I’ll look into it.


I think a couple worked for me, but my browser seems to be hating flash atm so it’s not functioning fully. I’ll upgrade and see how it goes. Does pandora work on a mac?

Best of all that ive found -

Search for pretty much anything and you’ll find it. | new music generation is good for electronica.

We have thin clients at work that don’t even run flash. No streaming for me.

+1 to this, grooveshark is great, allows you to make playlists, save favourites etc. as well

Thanks everyone - Trying out grooveshark now!

Call me old fashioned, but youtube- you can set a jukebox setting for seemingly endless music. Youtube has an amazing database these days. Think of ANY obscure song, and some nutter has probably uploaded it…

I love Groove Shark too. Nice easy to use interface, but the only problem is the ads on the side, but how often are you actually on the webpage.

i still occasionally. i just make one off payment for a month. the recommended radio is pretty good for finding new material.

triple j - stream online :slight_smile: although there is the mundane song, it keeps me happy. there is enough talk to keep the day from being monotonous. And the news every hour is good. i find tunes all day to make the day drag. is my secret

A big cd collection uploaded into itunes.

What happened to Last time I checked / used it it all still seemed free.
Grooveshark is really great for work aswell, most work / school places will have blocked Youtube / / Hypem but Grooveshark isn’t, not quite sure why.
Hypem is the best for new music.

gravedig used the search function
I’m all about the grooveshark at the moment. Seems to be pretty good so far, there has to be a catch?

really like spottily; particularly the ‘similar artists’ tab. i’ve discovered some good bands just by following links.