To SPD or not to SPD?

SO the time has come to move to a clipless pedal system. I’ve pretty much settled on SPDs - although this is largely based on the fact that they are compatible with MTB shoes (I find the idea of click-clacking around with road shoes while off the bike stupid and retarded). The one main gripe I’ve read with SPDs is the development of hot spots on long rides.

Your comments/thoughts/feelings with regards to SPDs and MTB shoes on road bikes?

I have used them for 20 years both on my road and MTB bikes. I personally don’t get hot spot problems.
You can try the trail version, which have a larger platform.
If this is your first time on clipless, accept that you will forget to unclip and fall, it goes away with practice.

I annihilated myself not the first time I rode with clipless, as I was thinking and kept saying “unclip unclip unclip” but when I got cocky on my 5th or 6th ride clipless… scared the hell out of me. Anyways, I click clack around as I use 105 pedals.

i find this idea stupid and retarded. you’re like one of those guys who complains about lycra.

if you’re worried about hot spots, get road shoes.

Some roadies will look down at you for using SPDs on anything other than a mountain bike. Specifically, wankers will do this.

If you’re going to be doing any significant amount of walking when you get off the bike; if you’re going to use the bike for transport rather than racing, training or other round trips; or if your home, office or anywhere else you regularly ride to has stairs, you should get the SPDs.

I think the hot spot issue is very much exaggerated. If in doubt, try the SPDs, and consider switching to carbon-sole road shoes in the unlikely event that you find the SPDs uncomfortable.

Funnily, I never fell while learning to use clipless. I did, however, come very close to hitting the ground the first time I went back to platform pedals. I stopped, then began frantically twisting my heel, listening/feeling for the click that would let me know I could lift my foot from the pedal.

Lots of BS about SPD’s. Use good shoes, change the cleats every so often(for me 6 + months) and crank 'em up tight if your a skid kid.

IME, hotspots are a function of the shoes, not the pedals. I’ve only had a hotspot problem with shoes that have soft soles - usually commuter/touring type shoes. Get some MTB shoes with stiff soles and you’ll be ok.

And don’t worry too much about failing to unclip and falling over. It took me eight years before I managed to do that.

And…once you’ve gone clipless you’ll never be able to ride happily without them again.

i run spds on all of my bikes (downhill, road, fixed, polo). pretty cheap and easy to get.
the cleats are reasonably chunky though, only one of my pairs of shoes actually recesses them completely

SPDs are the way to go if you are commuting and clipping in and out a lot.
I use SPDs on MTB, commuter, road fixie if commuting or travelling.
LOOKs are for the roadie, fixed roadie when training and tarck bike.

As many have said, more an issue with shoes than the SPDs regarding hot spots. I’ve done century rides on my MTB commuter with SPDs and not had any problems.

only one of my pairs of shoes actually recesses them completely

What make of shoe does this squid?

Speedplays for life!!

Best thing about them is they’re super practical for walking in.


Look Deltas 4 Lyfe!!! (seriously)

Best thing about them is they’re super practical for walking in.

(I love my deltas btw…)

Was the same until I broke my favourite pair Delta pedals.
Couldn’t find a decent set of 2nd hand in good enough condition.
Have gone Keo.

I think both of my sets are 20 years old and they still have the firmest snap getting in and out. Shit works so good and have a big base for lack of hot spots and power distribution.

I have two pairs of Keo’s as well, they’re just as good but a lot harder to ‘find’ when you’re trying to clip in.

They are not that bad… All road pedals are a little shitty…
An’t you ment to use em for riding, not walk around any way?

been thinking this the whole time, if its such an issue, take some thongs or shoes in a bag?

ATAC >> SPD. Hot spots have more to do with shoes than pedals.

I have had delta’s and lOve them.
I just bought speed plays because the have better adjustment.
I have bad knees so we could dial them in better.
Plus they can be mounted further back.

Down size they are a bitch to get into but I’m told i will get used to it in time.