To the guy with the red fixie at Spencer St today

How did you get three cogs on your hub???

whachewtalkingaboutadzbro? I have only one cog on my hub.

he/you had three cogs in a row, with the chain around one

was carrying his/your front wheel too

Definately not ndf

I think I saw that bike outside Loafer this afternoon. Did it have a chainring “chainguard” and a brooks saddle?

It was prob and old multi speed with the free wheel welded to ‘fix’ it or something.

yeah with drop bars, and glue left from the tape?

You can get touring cogs that are two cogs in one. A mate down here rocks one, and his lockring still fits. He said he put some crazy glue on the threads though, just to play it safe.

I’ve seen doubles. But three on one cog sounds like a strech of the imagination to me.

saw it today in brunswick, definitly 3