Toe-Clip Pedal Traction (including but not limited to GR-9's)

So, currently riding a brakeless conversion with a gear ratio on the stiffer side (for commuting) at around 87inches.

Basically, my current (replacement) pedals are your slim road aero toe-clip with no vertical plate or real grip, and hence do not supply a particularly large force attenuation in the backwards direction.

Looking at buying a new set of (cheap) pedals I was wondering what people thought of their GR-9’s in this regard, and in particular, if the small surface indentations offer sufficient friction for my brakeless safety needs.

Otherwise I would be looking at a pair of shimano 600s or MKS Sylvans to match the rest of my budget Japanese components.


if your gunna run pedals and toe clips then the GR9s are a pretty good option. I personally found that Sylvans or anything similar ended up cutting up the soles of my shoes but then they were a bit grippier than the GR9, especially in the wet. But if you’ve got decent toe clips and straps (go for double gated clips and double straps IMO) your foot will be relatively secure anyway so they should be fine

i didn’t understand this paragraph.

so what i did was bring up google translator, translate it into french and then back into english. this is what i got.

it didn’t really help.

he said japanese pedals, not french

MikeMike - So, currently riding a brakeless conversion with a gear ratio on the stiffer side (for commuting) at around 87inches.

u must have trunks to push 87 on the road!

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Basically, my (replacement), the toe clip pedals are now slim, aerodynamic road using real plates and vertical grip in the opposite direction, therefore please do not provide a particularly large damping force.

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Ill explain through the magic of mspaint, below
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Finally, Thankyou to Iamsimon for the very helpful input.

no probs, FWIW though clipless is a MUCH better option

Yeh, my roadie is clipless and it is a fantastic thing. Changing shoes every time i ride is not so convenient though.

87 brakeless gear inches for commuting? Trigonometric pedal force analysis?? Extra-ordinary MS paint ability???

I would recommend some MTB shoes (eg. Mavic Alpines?) to solve the riding/walking dilemma, but the velcro straps might slow down your phonebooth transition stages.

i ride sylvans and the only thing the vertical plate does is hurt your feet and cut into the soles of your shoes. i’m upgrading to GR-9s soon for the comfort, i know some people have put skateboard grip tape on the flat bits for a bit more grip. in my experience, unless your straps are ultra-tight then it’s the straps that are doing more of the stopping. (are you skidding mainly or just ‘reverse-thrusting’?)

also, imo, pushing 87 brakeless inches is tempting fate just a lil’ too much

Is 87 gear inches similar to 42:13 ratio?



Thats what I use for commuting. The dip through the moonee valley racecourse is a great leg strengthener.

Yeh, I’m on 42/13. Planning to ease it up a little bit. I can finally replace the white chain i bought two years ago.

I don’t skid much, and ill probably be picking up a pair of Gr-9’s soon.

MKS Sylvans are terrible. I’ve had two pairs.

Pay a bit extra and get some RX-1’s. The bearings are so beautiful.

I’ve had no problems with my GR-9’s

42/13, brakeless, on a two year old chain? Holy shit!

Wait, you are using clips and straps, aren’t you?

Anyway, GR9s are pretty narrow. If you’ve got big feet they can be a little uncomfortable.

If you’re running 87 gear inches then you should be hitting some seriously high speeds. If I needed to brake suddenly from those speeds, then I wouldn’t want to rely on the friction generated by a single unloaded & skidding wheel, the strength of my legs & knees, a 2 year old chain, and a friction grip between my feet & the pedals (albeit aided by clips & straps). I know the brakeless thing looks hip & cool — but at 87 gear inches you reach the point where its so dangerous that its just stupid. I’m probably gonna get shouted down for this — but for God’s sake fit a front brake.

If you’re really obsessed by looks, then get a beautiful brake like a Campy Delta.

You don’t want to become a case example of Darwinism in action. Otherwise, go clipless, get a new chain and seriously think about lowering the gearing.