Toe clips

Is there anywhere on the whinger-net where it gives you the lengths of toe clips (M, L, XL etc etc) in millimetres or inches (don’t care). Or my hoof is a 44, what size toe clip do you use and where does that place the ball of your foot on the pedal?

i got me a big ass foot 12 nches (45 i think) and i use large clips

my foot moves in the clips depending on wether i am mashing or spinning, in saying that though i still find em a tiny itsy bit too big

my clits are christophe dunno if mks or soma sizes are different

I’m surprised you’ve got one, let alone two.

I wear size 9 vans or adidas and use size L MKS clips. my friend who wears size 11 vans uses XL MKS clips that work pretty well.

I’m a 45.

Large toeclips fit most of my shoes.
XLarge are required to wear my RMs or Blunnies.

Hope that helps.

Same as above. I bought XL by accident one time and it felt like the pedal was sitting in the centre of my foot. I’d go L

LARGE it is, thanks to all for the help. ('cept nick)

Yep, +1 on the Large MKS toe clips.

I wear size 9 Merrell hiking sneakers and thats a snug fit. Wearing my chucks there is some breathing room