Toe straps - which way?

I’ve done me some searching (here and on other forums) and there seems to be no concrete answer to the question of exactly how to install toe straps. I’m trying to put double straps onto 4 gate cages. Can anyone post a pic of the ‘normal’ way which works the best and will make me the most happy.


Yahoo Images…“double toe straps”, gets you this.

There’s also this, plus lots of others no doubt.


I really should image search more often…

a picture tells bla bla bla

Andy White (aka Fyxo) has an excellent image (on a tshirt) of the ‘proper’ way to install doubles (criss-cross on the base of the pedal). Unfortunately the normal way for track isnt as functional for the street.

I guess the varying thicknesses of doubles makes a difference too. My old (laminated) Toshi doubles were so thick, I didn’t need to criss-cross them, but I had to use pliers to pull them through as they were such a tight fit. Single layer straps I always crossover.

EDIT: See below link for lots of pedal/strap combos, including varying ways to load doubles. I remembered I’d seen this somewhere.