Toe Straps?

At the moment my nylon straps seem to slip quite a bit.

do leather straps slip as much?

or am i doing something wrong

They should be done up like this:,_quill_type,_early_1980s,_Campagnolo_SL_road.jpg

If you have a lot of strap left over put it through the steel loop facing down.

I have used both leather and nylon and had no slippage with either.

My nylon straps don’t slip, but they’re shit at holding their shape. They also fray easily. I reckon leather would be better than vinyl.

(clipless is better than both)

Not quite - a twist as passed through the pedal is “de rigueur”!

I have never seen the the twist through the pedal as you say. I shall keep my eyes peeled for the de rigueurness.

I run leathers de rigue.
I’m also incredible handsome.

If you are going to pull them tight they wont slip nylon or leathers.
If you are going to run them just loose enough to pull your sneakers out at the light then leathers are less likely to slip, and they’ll hold their shape better for slipping back in when the lights turn green.

(no innuendo about my use of the phrase"pull out’ or ‘slipping in’ allowed
The internet is no place for crudeness or childish jokes)

Leather… always leather.

The better quality and more pricey singles and doubles are thicker and will hold themselves in tight. Most single layer, leather, single straps will need a full twist after you pass them through one side of the pedal, that’ll stop them from slipping at all.

ive already got them ‘de rigue’ and ive put them through properly.

might buy some leathers, or double leather…or some double nylons…cheaper :wink:

thanks for the replies

Yeah, I’ve found leather ones hold the clips open better.

And look nicer.