Token Track Wheelset

PBK. Looks like a quality wheelset for the budget conscious.
Fixed and Freewheel sprocket supplied. Pretty light tfor the price range.

hey looks good. anybody got any comments on these?

Also on Wiggle:

Has anyone ridden on these? I’d like to know what you think.

one advantage of wiggle is they charge in your local currency so yo don’t get hit with ‘international conversion charges’ which I’ve been hit with before! something to keep in mind as PBK charge in #

They dont look like complete junk, but for that money you could get a much better second hand wheelset…

Such as?

Velocity wheelsets are pretty good and relatively easy to come by, or even better something with nice servicable hubs like campy record, dura ace etc but the problem is lots of the second hand bargains of that quality are built to tubular rims, clichers fetch a higher price.

If you are in a rush and on a tight budget i’m sure something like the token wheelset will be fine for a while, but they are comparable to a wheelset that comes on an off the shelf bike.

Wheels are obviously one of the most important parts of your bike, so spending an extra $100-$150 for something that is going to give you a much better ride and last longer, is a smart move.

Good wheelset, i know a bloke running them as messenger wheels here in Brisbane. I rate them as a better wheelset than a standard set of deep v’s, the rims are lighter and the hubs are better. Quite nice wheels, i like them

Remember that sealed cartridge bearing hubs like those in these Token wheels, or Velocity are also easy to service. They all use those SKF cartridges that are pretty easy to replace at your local bearing shop.

I agree with you regarding spending an extra $100.00 though. A mechanic friend of mine has never had great things to say about the Token brand. One story he had was of a Token carbon seatpost catastrophically failing on a customer while riding. They were lucky not to be badly injured.

I have no specific knowledge of the reliability of Token wheelsets, but when you hear these bad stories, it makes you think. Having said that, this wheelset is a fairly standard proven design so it should be okay.
They are nice and light for a 30mm rim depth.

I have a mechanical friend who has nothing but praise for token stuff. I’m also quite dubious of stories of carbon seatposts failing, the vast majority of the time it’s because they were not installed correctly and the seatpost clamp was over tightened, which is very easy to do.

How much would you recommend spending to get a half decent wheelset?

you’re really paying for quality with wheelsets.

you can pay $100 for a pair, and they’ll work, but they’re more likely to fuck up if you run them into gutters and stuff, whereas pairs $400 and up will last you for ever and probably cook you breakfast too.

Getting your breakfast cooked sounds good. Besides Deep Vs, which seem to get alot of recommendations, any other wheels I should look out for?

Also what are some good brands of hubs?

you should definately be looking into some aerospokes.

velocities are just about the most common rims, and everyone seems to either get deep v or b43s.

or get some disc wheels.