Tom Board roadie

Racing bike Tom Board Campagnolo | eBay

fastback stays, flat crown fork. if it was in brisbane, i’d be bidding. prolly 531. prolly triomphe.

hey, mitts off! I’ve had my eye on this for a while…

Thanks guys!

Good buying!

Just picked it up, pretty happy with it.

Frame is sweet, only catch is that the rear wheel clearance is ridiculous. Vertical dropouts and made for 20c tyres- no bigger.

Looks like I’ll be commuting on Veloflex Masters…

650b it !!! I got some 8/9 speed 650b wheels I could lend you for a test/trial fit with 32c tyres.
You might like it :wink:

650B Conversion Guidlines
650b Conversion— Creative restoration | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Hmmm. You could be onto something…

When Haidee first saw it she said “Couldn’t you just use smaller wheels?” and I said “Nah girl, you dreamin”.

I think I should apologise to her, for my poor grammar to start with.

it’ll depend how narrow the crown is, and the chainstay clearance. Could work. My frezoni is similarly tight, undersized 23mm tyres only.

Haidee knows :wink:

Like I said it’s easy to find out and as Blakey mentioned the chainstay width/clearance will be telling.
Not that you have to 650b it but if it’s to commute and all weather town use then it might be an option to consider.

I’ve 650b’ed a few race style steel bikes and enjoyed using them … it’s certainly makes for quite a different riding bike, and in some ways improves upon original.