Tommasini a plenty 2

eBay | cadre vélo course Tommasini super prestige Taille 55
Slx with amazing paint.

Tommasini Diamante | eBay
MS frameset sitting cheap.

Tommasini MTB Rahmen, kult, edel, Rarität | eBay
Nice mtn bike

3ttt Record 84 26 x 22.2 x 110 mm extension Tommasini panto stem (NOS) | eBay
and a nos black stem to finish.

MTB is Rad.

Surely you’re all over that stem ??

And that Diamante is hot, they’re really nice frames and that will go cheap because most people think the paint is all fucked (not knowing it’s actually like that).

Yeah I just bought a nos panto xa from the same guy,
Id love it for my diamanté,

Is that marbled finish on the diamante? Looks fantastic

Yes, in the flesh it’s one of the coolest finishes I’ve seen on a bike and there’s a few different variations like the one above. Tommasini paint is never boring and perhaps not to everyone’s taste but I really dig some of what they do. My fave is this multi-colour paint cutaway section on the maintubes (usually a white frame). Pretty hard to find a good pic but if you’ve seen it in the flesh you’d be wowed like I was. Pics aren’t good but you’ll get the idea.

They have also some of the best retinato’s too (lattice effect). Typical over the top Italian goodness. Frames are top notch build quality too, never seen an ordinary one. You always see inherent quality on every Tommasini.