Tommasini diamanté #2

So dad has allways loved the steel bikes I build,
so I suggested to pull down his cannondale caad7 sell the frame and build him somthing special.

It was to be his birthday and Xmas present combined.

His short list was a Colnago or a Tommasini,
A nice Diamanté popped up in roughly his size so I contacted the seller.

The problem was it was in Boulder Colorado.
The up side was dad was going to be there in 2 weeks on holidays.

So I won the auction the deal was done and the seller dropped it to our freinds place in Boulder where he was staying.

I stripped the c dale down cleaned, re lubed and polished everything up and started the build.

I could build Tommasini’s all day.

He test rode it this morning and loves it, it won’t be the every day ride he has an evo for that but more if a nice day ride.

Frame: Tommasini multi shape Diamanté 57x56
Group: Dura Ace 7800
Stem: Nitto Dynamic 110
Headset: Dura Ace 7410
Bars: Soma hwy one
Wheels: Dura Ace 7700 laced to Campy Atlanta 28h
Radial front, rear radial non drive 2 cross drive.

Cool story, and the bike looks rad!!

Wish my old man road the bike I built him. Especially since he used to ride 30km every day in the Blue Mountains with his old man when he was my age!

just lovely, paint is saweeet!

This! Gave him my Specialized M2 last Christmas and…it was in the same spot I left it this Christmas.

Paint is off the hook!

Needs campy groupset…just so happens to be one for sale.

Nah, this thing has more than enough passion.

Beautiful bike, that paint is something else.

Paint is rad. For his next birthday get him some tape and saddle recover from busyman… White with logo matching pink peek through bits.

Also you can be my son.

Yeah I was looking at his old faithful rolls last night thinking a busy man recover and matching tape would be amazining.
He’s a Dura Ace guy so it will stay like this,
He has no idea or care for perilous correct passion,
If I mention rapha he thinks its some type of straw for gift wrapping,
He just wanted nice and functional.

Multi Shape :cool:

da9000 then…=D

looks nice dayne

Thanks red, no da900 jase it has to many gears apparently