Tommasini Prestige Track - Adelaide

Tempting! Someone already on it… anyone here?
10 day auctions are painful to watch.

Tommasini Prestige track frame and fork (vintage) | eBay

I’d be prepared to pick this one up/organise postage for any interstate bidders.

Is Dayne about to lose his shit all over the internet over this thing?

dayne is gonna flip out, its too big for him though sucker!

edit: so nice. holy cow.

editt: is anyone else just watching this thread waiting for dayne?

Pitty about the scratches in the paint and the touch ups

patina? whats the verdict after your pro fit? your size?

Dub’s on the phone to Gyp cancelling the swap he made yesterday. ^^

Dane is at home stretching his legs.

Gyp is there convincing himself that this is his size too.

Scott… You’re probably watching Beaches…

HAHA nah I like the Pog more… good value for wats included me thinks…

it did have a buy it now of 1000

Hey bender how much of the new mtb actually came from the Reign?

BNE is a buzz…

i am in favour of this listing. i put the bid in.

it is a shame about the touch ups though. would look better if it were just left with the scratches.

Yeah loosing my shit,
Up to my eye balls in builds
I ride a 55 tt for track with a 110 with a 53st and heaps of post, so it should fit
I have all the parts to finish it

Any one want to buy a Bridgestone.
Do it cheap mista mista

It could fit me… But I don’t need it.

How you wanna sell the Bridgestone for? Size?


Jolan its 53sq full dura ace $1500 complete

The head tube looks really long for 54x55.

wheels and pedals? calm down

Yep sherrifs for now then swap out for record yo.
As for pedals this would be my new track bike so speedplays i have aswell.

Bidding. Probably go look at it the weekend.

Not really. The front wheel will be tucked onto that down tube fo’ sure.

What for? Don’t you already have like 4/5 builds on the go.

What for? Don’t you already have like 4/5 builds on the go.