Tommasini Tarck

Looks very nice.


Sydney sider, don’t they know its #SOTB?

It says Surrey Hills Victoria, that’s Melbourne AFAIK

Item location: Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia

A bit small, but still watching.

My size but will go for $$$.

Yeah, brain fart, just read the first bit Surrey Hills and brain saw it as Surry Hills, which is inner Sydney.


Pffffff. My size too, very very tempted.

Is nice, would buy if my size.

the nicest bike ive ever seen

very very nice. watching to see the end price

$1,200 with 48min to go

Looks like the market is warming to #SOTB.

Time to photograph and list the Frejus.

Ended at $1530. Big want but…

Did somebody here got it?