Tommasini Track - Perth Gumtree! 55cm

Im always surprised to see such nice frames in perth! Pricy at $1k for f/f?

Tommasini track frame with Campagnolo Pista Record | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Perth

That is so nice, One grand seems to be around the average price based on eBay sales.

I have the matching time trial frame, would love to have a matching couple!

very nice indeed.

Snapped up by a melbournite apparently. Here is an old post from last year when it was for sale,


my mate bought it

prob go campag route with open pro’s … should look really nice

Its a BITSA Tommasini frame, if i remember correctly…

whats BITSA mean?

When I refer to something as a bitsa, i mean ‘a bit of this, a bit of that’ jumble up of parts etc lol

I don’t think it would mean the same here.

Bloody nice frame though.

A search for a thread on this frame should give you the answer.

hmm i’m curious now … is it a lemon?

link me please … couldn’t locate anything