Tommasini Sintesi Fixed Frame + Fork - 53 | eBay

Thread less, terrible colour, $300 shipping min from the states.
If it was threaded and in australia id be all over it.

the steer tube, which you will probably want to have cut down.

O RLY??? thanks for that, captain obvious

^ Oh you won’t need to, Jams.

No returns! Once this is gone, I don’t want to see it again.

Sounds like it was a hard break up.

didn’t even look at the shipping

the colour aint that badddd


Put me down in the “i think the colour is awesome” camp. I much prefer distinct or unusual colours than the same old, same old.

i’m with you mate.

what the fuck is wrong with gold???

Nothing wrong with gold but this is a Tommasini.
Their paint is among the best i have seen and this isn’t to their usual awesomeness.
But i would over look the paint if it wasn’t for the threadless.
Its been for sale for a while and i have thought real hard and all most pulled the trigger.

kinda like a yellow ferrari?

i agree with you about the threadless fork.

Giallo? yes please !!!

don’t get me wrong, i’d have one… but it’d be better in red!!*

*personally, if i bought a new ferrari (we can all dream right?), it’d be black. with big fuck off red brembo’s. mmmm

I just like yellow cars … look at me

I’m asuming it’s 1"… The only thing that makes it threadless is the hedset and the length of the steerer. If it does turn out to be 1 1/8’ you could just poach parts from a Mongoose Maurice and built it quilled.

Mmmm unique.

Looks like a one inch streerer… get the fork threaded and change the headset?

It’s a 2009 model.
It could be but probably 1 1/8

Just research the specs. Most of the steel italian stuff that is threaded is still 1".

I nearly got my 2nd colossi done in gold but then went black. Cos once you go black, you never go back!

I’ll bet $100 it isn’t :wink:

I ain’t never seen a 1 1/8 lugged steel frame.

and buy it.

Even it it were 1 1/8… you could get a CK 1 1/8 threaded headset.

Can you show me a stock threaded fork that isn’t 1"?