tomorrow morning (4th July)

So Zak wants to do watsons bay. Duncan wants to do taronga. Duncan, you wanna start with watson and maybe either go to taronga or lapa afterwards?
Anyone else keen? Early start.

Yea!! 6am at nirava liquor on camble prd
Captian pain isn’t around so it’ll be a nice ride!

I’m on a super-tight restriction time-wise. I was thinking of soloing it so I can head home whenever.

The roll is 1hour 10 min +/- 10min
I an’t got time for a long ride so I’m picking the tough one.
Join us dunks!! Your always good fun to ride with…
Rhys might even bust out captin america!

Man I might be keen for something a bit flatter, can you dig it?

heheheh sure lapas or the park…?

Lapas maybe, via maroubra? Meet at the kiosk, say 6am?

I’m in. See you there.

ok girls no hills but im in too…

Super-enjoyable, quality ride. Chilly, but beautiful weather to be out on the bike.

+1. Nicest ride for an age. Best since last week for sure. Loving this weather. Good company too. Have to get T Pain out soon.

Make me come out next time…

why do i always read these threads the day after you’ve been for the ride?
feel like doing the same again next weekend?

I can do saterday morning but that’s the new team ‘remi&lees’ ride…
Gota work Sunday morning
Thrusday morning is a G O for me if any one wants to ride…
Hilz laps or lapas…

We ride somewhere most weekends. Just watch the boards. You’re in Jono.

Although I doubt I’ll be there. Got shit-loads to do before we go to the UK.