tonight at DISC

might be an interesting night to come down and watch the racing…

I expect to see you hangin tough bro.

there will be a strong likelihood of a variety of world cup riders turning up tonight, and thursday night too.

see your local muppets take on the best in the world!

Good luck tonight.

Another night I can’t race dammit!

XMAS party/entertainment season sux.


actually, i take this back. they will probably be riding the world cup that night. or tapering. so come tonight!

damn i really wanna come, but i’m not feeling too good, think i might be coming down with something… might just come watch, and bring the bike in case i feel better

how’d it go? was walking down past the hawthorn velodrome and there were a bunch of germans racing round…

nah, no world cup racers. there were, however, a bunch of UCI commissaires there. none of them had ever seen a motorpace. apparently it’s just an australian thing.

brother handsome reckoned they probably wondered why the keirin was taking so long…