Too uber cool for skool

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Maybe I just wish I had this uber trendy bike with all the added extras :evil::

  1. 3Rensho NJS ‘funny bike’ frame- CHECK
  2. Aerospoke rear wheel- CHECK
  3. 650 Front wheel- CHECK
  4. ‘Cadence’ sticker on Aerospoke- CHECK
  5. No helmet- CHECK
  6. Listening to ‘neo folk’ music with iPod Touch- CHECK
  7. Coloured chainring bolts- CHECK
  8. Gold anodised Phil Hub (?)- CHECK

The precedent has been set guys. Now I just have to crawl back on my imbercecil and dream…

look at the amount of rise in his stem and bars!


“NJS funny bike”? isnt that like “interesting street performers at southbank”?

Ouch! what a bee-arch…

I actually love the guy who sets up his drums under the lights near the read stage… I’ve just been burned by too many performers making jokes about me as i rdie through their gigs cos they take 90% of the path and their crowds take the rest.

He should know by now that the Aerospoke goes on the front only.

True, he probably couldn’t get one for the front in 650 as Aerospoke are always on back order :evil:

he probably got a good deal for a set. sell the front one at an inflated price, bargain
it looks incredibly awkward with the visually heavy aerospoke on the back, and the tiny wheel at the front.

a la

I think I just found a new winner…

More reading can be had <a href=“”>Here</a>

WTF is going on?! :evil:
58T Chainring… seat post angle, why, why?

That bike is prettty fucking ugly alright.

what a bunch of muppets.

That seat post and seat angle for those drops would make for an interesting ride… :-o


The bicycle demands the rider’s full concentration, controlling acceleration and deceleration using sheer force of muscle power.

Why would you want to slow down on that thing (if set up properly) on a Velodrome.
I don’t think you would really try and back pedal.
Not a good idea.

ha read the bike snob commentary!

The 2nd bike(colnago) is a really stupid (concept build) type bike, that is full of wank…no doubt.

  1. don’t front on 3Renshos!..ever.
    2)aerospoke is fine on the back for street, no weight issues for wheelies etc…cheap,funky 80’s looks, strong.
    3)the front wheel looks more like a 24’’ than a 650c and is essential on a frame like this. Nothing else will fit. ( on the other hand, look at the ugly clearance on the Colnago!)
    4)met, hung out with, rode with the guy who makes Cadence clothing in Osaka last week after MASH premiere. Very nice guy, and great rider. I now rep his stuff on my disc too. Full respect.
  2. you know Australia is the only country in the world where people wear helmets.

:-DWhere is that bike anyway? UK? Japan? US?

sorry, i know this is a hater thread, but I just love wacky bikes like this on the street. :smiley: