Tools info required

I need to sort out a new bike pump and lock (being as how my new bike is currently being locked up using a $6 coles brand lock).

Pump wise I would rather something that would fit into a standard eastpack backpack.
I looked at those Knog locks but am unsure if that’d be the go or a standard D lock.


kryptonite d locks are ok they have their base models which are cheap, they have a security rating from 1 through to 6 , you can get one for around $35 which has a rating of 4 or 5 , 1 leading up to $160 with a security rating of 1 check out bikeexchange they have plenty on there .

kryptonite / lezyne.

problem solved.

kryptonite evolution d-lock from wiggle.

hipster cred fo’ realz!

check this thread for info regarding pumps. many members here singe the praises of the portland design works handpump.


Pressure Drive,90 g small / 101 g medium,Lezyne_minipumps_highpressure,

best hand pump i’ve ever used, by a considerable margin. uses a flexible hose that screws onto the valve instead of a fiddly fixed head, way easier to operate, extremely well made, durable, light, can get reasonably high pressure. buy one.

edit: oh yeah, brendan already mentioned this.

This. Or more specifically, an Evolution Mini. Lock it like Sheldon says and ideally get a thin cable (such as the Kryptonite Seatsaver 76cm) or a light cable lock for securing the front wheel as well.

For all kinds of info and links to parts and accessories and everything inbetween can I recommend LFGSS list of lists

The definitive list of lists - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

UK biased but extremely handy

sweet. now i can lock thread.