What do you guys do for multi tools while on the bike? The trixie looks good, unfortunately I don’t have bidon cage mounts on the frame. Any other suggestions? Smaller the better (yeah I realise it’s harder to use).

Trixie is average at best, and overpriced.

I just carry a 15mm spanner, small multitool, 2 tyre levers, tubee + CO2. Only ever had a lockring come loose once while riding, and that’s because i didn’t torque it up to start with.

For the same price as a trixie you can get a shimano chainwhip + lockring tool to use at home.

I have a Trixie, used it twice.
You’ll never mount it on a bigon cage mount as it will get stolen.
Get one if you really want but HLC is on the money.

I got one of those pedros s1ck fixzee spanners and it’s okay, used the lockring thing once, worked good.

Doesn’t fit horizontally in my hip pouch so pokes out a bit (dangeroooous).

I’ve got a Topeak mini 2o pro, find it really good. Used it a couple times and it saved a couple mates as well. Not cheap.

Topeak® Cycling Accessories

I have a Lezyne multi tool and I cut a Bikehand tool in half and wrapped the handle in left over MASHSF™ bar tape so I had a 15mm and a 14mm spanner that I could carry easily (when I was on a bike with wheel nuts). I carry a tube, two levers and a pump. I carry it all in a Road Runner Tool Roll (except the pump which lives in my bag or jersey pocket).

I don’t really ride fixies anymore, so I don’t worry about lockring tools.

don’t we have a thread about all this somewhere already?

tape a 4, 5, 6mm allen key together with some electrical tape.

yeah, this one -