Top Cat alleycat - tonight

who’s in?

yeah, you riding in from princes?


spokes and arrows shop at 7pm. Osbourne st I think in Sth Yarra

flyers on the front page Simon, can’t find any info apart from that.

dan - think I’ll probably head into town first for a friends bday drinks. will cya there

^ cool. If anyones rolling in from the northside, let me know.

Yeah I’ll be there.

Ah cheers, prob won’t make it but ill see



i’ll be there

you looked so sad last time I beat you, couldn’t do it to ya again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgot this was on, should’ve come straight from fairfield, covered in mud, and raced on the mtb.

Campbell 1st
Erin(sp?) 2nd
Matt Gray 3rd

KO 1st female

Franck (french courier and all round nice guy) 1st out of towner

Zach DFL

(ellepea, 1st to pass out in a garden)

Brent - 1st to get showered in icy water
The JAMS - 2nd to get showered in icy water

It was “Gatorade” Jams! soooo funny

Best part was getting wasted and leaving Ellepea sleeping in a bush with his bike locked to him.

Work sucked this morning.

The best part was when tomhall suggested throwing my new knog light on the ground to get it working, only to realise i hadn’t taken the plastic thing out of the battery compartment. Now it won’t turn off.

ps i had a great night, thanks for organising brent.

just ride with it in the rain for a minute or two, should sort your turning off problem right out

ummm, sorry bout that… have you tried throwing it at a wall?