top tube cable guides

Anyone know where I can get these in Melbourne??

Muchos Gracias!

I’m no help localy, I paid some ridiculous amount like $6 each for these from this site:

I couldn’t find them anywhere locally, but I didn’t look that hard.

online shop but I have purchased from them and it is easy as.

sweet! Thanks mate.

$3.95 at

make sure you check to make sure you get the correct diameter…also, although not as refined as these, ive had mates use hose clamps to secure rear brake cables to the top tube…


I’m using a flexible attachment system which won’t damage the paint (cable ties).

Ceres has some, probably cost u 10cents each

abbotsford have them.

Yeah I saw them in Abbotsford a few months ago, I meant to grab a couple while I was there.

EDIT: has anyone seen Diacompe cable clamps in their travels? I’m restoring my old man’s 1980 Raleigh, and the original Diacompe clamps are too badly rusted to get rechromed. The only other thing I’m struggling to get is a suntour arx rear derailleur.