Top tube pads?


Does anyone here run top tube pads? Or more importantly does anyone know where you can get them from, in Sydney or over the interweb?


i got a great one at CMWC from the guys from tokyo.
yep, that really helps you out doesn’t it.
ask CBD if they know anyone.
thats probably the best place to start.

Or make one out of bar tape.

i run these:

i can’t really see their purpose…???

Officially: nut protection.

Unofficially: they serve the same purpose that polished chrome, metallic paint and pink bar tape serve…

You be the judge.

I prefer chrome on my bike. :wink:

It’s more to stop the top tube getting dented by the bars swinging around.

or as protection against repeated locking up against hard surfaces… ie. lamp posts.

oops… right: what they said. :expressionless:

I remember having a complete Diamondback set on my BMX years ago, thats was the shiz, oh yeah!!!

P.s. Note to stem pads: Thanks, I may still have babies yet :smiley:

I think it would be pretty easy to make on with some material/foam/sewing machine.
If I ever get around to giving it a go I’ll let you know.

You have a sewing machine? :-o

I specifically want one for my mountainbike rather than my fixie actually.

The reason being I smashed my knees up in a recent enduro. Being a bit of a taller person and steering with my knees in a tighter twisty track knocked them around a bit. Secondly I had the cable guides removed in a singlespeed purist fit, so I figure that just running it under a top tube pad would be neat and would beat the electrical tape. Lastly on long hike-a-bike sections a top tube pad would be nice on the shoulder.

Thanks for the help, I’ll probably search out an old BMX pad from somewhere.


clicky clicky bitches

Who doesn’t? :-o

I don’t have sewing machine, if i did I would feel the need to make something frilly with pleats, which hugs my manly shape.

That must be just you mate!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

My ladys mum has one and it helped me fix my jeans.

Why not look at getting some ones made, surely they would be a piece of piss to get done? (well a lot easier than a cog?)

Feel free - consider yourself dobbed-in for that task! :wink:

THis is from under the Weather

"Hi Dave,

Thanks for your interest!

The base retail price for the top tube protectors is $25, up to $28 if using ballistic or limited materials. I could knock that down to $21 if you were going to be ordering 15 or more.

The cost of the artwork would depend on the complexity of the design. If you forward me the image I can give you a more specific quote.