You know when you have no real plans to build another bike but it just sort of happens because you buy a vintage frame in your size knowing that the vintage frame you are thrashing on your daily commute wont last forever and then you buy some wheels just because they were such a bargain and came with brand new rubber and then remember those nice cranks you’ve got in the cupboard and then pick up a 27 diameter seat post on eBay because there are not to many of them floating around and then you see a nice stem and bar combo and think well I’m already half way there it won’t hurt if I just buy these and then before you know it you’ve sanded and painted the frame and matched some bar tape to an old vintage saddle and you’re knee deep in bike dorkitude and forgotten how to use full stops?
This is one of those bikes.

Forget the bike, what are those speakers?

Looks sick, is it white or cream?? Got a better shot of it?

hahah noice.

looks hot, lets see the parts list
and more photos! :lol:

I tried to embed the url in the image but it wouldn’t work for some reason or another and then I got bored
Big ones are here>

Cecil Walker frame. Original paint was butchered and had to go. Its now, according to Dulux, coffee cream. HS and BB are Dura Ace. Wheels are Mavic MA2, C-record rear and Sunshine B.I.A. front. Cinelli stem, Nittto bars, Concor saddle, Suntour post, Gipiemme cranks.

Speakers are home made open baffles. 8 inch Richard Allan full range drivers and 12 inch Richard Allan bass drivers both from 1970 or there abouts being fed from a Luxman L-309 which I love like a child.


Where do you live and when are you next holidays?

i like that deep blue bar tape. it’s a really nice ride. i also wanna say that you have fckin good music taste with those records in the back ground, the thom yorke one especially

did you spray it yourself? look like a really clean job.

I’m really digging the blue + white combo.

Tidy bike, I like!

forget the speakers, that vinyl collection just gave me a semi-semi

Nice bike!

What’s the third record along - the guy being ‘attacked’ by black and white squiggly lines?

Thom Yorke- Eraser, great album

Cheers. I did a sand, then gloss paint, then sand, then gloss paint, then sand… but never got around to the next paint. I liked it matt