just share my first build

frame : nicholetti 51’’
stem : gran compe
headset: tange seiki
brake lever : gran compe shot lever
brake calipers : miche
saddle : san marco concor
crankset; lasco

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I just wet myself and spat my drink every where so epic.

this bike rules
nuff said

I’ll speak for you.

Here’s my story… 'Spok.
Untaped bars.
Non-drive side photo.
No foot retention (that I can see).

someone stole my tire valve cap :’’’’’’’’’’’(

51 inch bike… OP is ginoromous, I didn’t know they made 36er spoks.

best part of the bike =(

Bender: I’ve got a busted rib and you just made it hurt SOOOO much hahaha

sweet fixie bro

Albardor - once the forum viewers have made you feel horrible for cobbling together such an impractical and trend whorish bicycle…

…can I buy the rear disc?



y? do u hv problem with that?

Where’s John “I love rocking the double 'spok” Kennedy when you need him?

Son of Pengy?

And no, I love that film.

But in all seriousness. I don’t like Aerospokes, untaped bars MAKE NO SENSE EVER, taking photos of bikes on the non drive side is just silly, as is riding a fixed wheel bicycle with out foot retention.

Though I do approve of the never stop pedaling sticker on the fork.

Yeah nice bike mate, chin up…

Oh nose!

That’s ok, we all make this mistake one. Or twice.

FWIW I think they look rad… they just suck in all other aspects!