Hey all,
I just go one of the new Sram torpedo hubs dropped off by the distributor. Will be built with the new B43 rims.
Test pilot and review needed.

Ill do skids everytime I come past the shop

Actually cancel that, I don’t do enough k’s and I don’t think I want b43s on my bike

i’ll do it if ur in melbourne

These hubs are for 130mm spacing so perfect for conversions.
Not sure if I will use the b43’s on a 130m hub so may just use a deep v for the time being.
As soon as I get a chance to lace it up i will pass it around.

more than happy to help

ill do it if its sydney… but its never sydney

I’m obviously a bit behind the eightball, this is the first I’ve heard of these. Have there been any reviews from others yet? I’d imagine they’d be a bit sketchy for brakeless?

Do we have a RRP?

i’ll take one on the cannonball next year if you need some serious miles…

I am told the rrp is about $230. My guess is it will come down and be cheaper from OS as with everything. Just waiting on a rim for it.

Pity it doesn’t have a bar shifter - you might as well just flip your wheel over.

though the cog does experience some backlash or “play” back and forth.

…and that pretty much kills it for me.

If someone writes a product review we will publish it here. Let me know!

I agree that any play in the hub is deal breaker. I mean, that’s the whole point of running fixed- you want a solid, reliable drivetrain. This hub is too complex for it’s own good- you can imagine the complicated rachet mechanism that must be going on inside and potential for it to break over time.
Just flip your wheel, it’s not that hard!

Another product invented to solve a problem that didn’t exist!

Wheel done and punters required.
Here’s the deal.
Come in collect it and ride it for a week or so.
Send Spud a review.
Then it can go to someone else.