Totally Wild

This friday apparently.

Should be interesting, I distinctly remember a lot of swearing during the games when Perth were playing, don’t think we’ll be featured as a result:P

haha yeah! I was about the same

“please no swearing or rude behaviour or they cant use the footage”

“FFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK *bike gets thrown across court”

“FFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK bike gets thrown across court and beer break is taken


Bike Polo on Totally Wild TV show

No idea what that means praws

neither do i…

ftfy - fixed that for you

took a while to come out but definitely some good footage! looks like most of it is some match between one of the SA teams and someone else?

oops no olympics in 2001… fail

Pay attention in history kids and don’t listen to me on tv.


  1. September 1901 : First international match between Ireland and England in Crystal Palace. Ireland win (10-5).

July 1908 : Cycle polo competition in the Olympic Games of London. Ireland beat Germany in final (3-1) in the Shepherds Bush Stadium (London).

wicked that was cool
my pink bike was featured so much too bad it couldn`t score goals for me…

I saw Gypo and Yossarian (Rodan).

Good times.

i didn’t even realise they filmed us in that game…

For those playing at home.
The Ranga also in Gear Brisbane shirt sitting next to me in quick 2 second snippet is Ranga Dave! (The Owner/Grandmaster of the Sewing Machine @ Brisbane Outdoor Gear)

Yeah the court looks great, the players are a good cross section of poloistas and the camera work was tops… sorry I didn’t post it in here before, but SamN was on the case :slight_smile: