Touch up paint??

Hey y’all.
I’m bringing a bike to Aussie from the States. The paint is a bit chipped on the top tube. I think I’d like to get the paint touched up a bit. Anyone know how or where to get this done in Adelaide?

Here’s what she looks like, only with white forks:


You could try and fill the Chips in with Filler and paint over it yourself. I have advice tough. I was and still am a complete newbie to this forum like you. You could try using the Search up in the right hand corner and Google a bit like this : Let me google that for you
I think it’s likely the Mods will come along and lock this thread so just remember to Search before Posting.

+1 for ^ searching and google.

However, I can’t find much info from the search on here, and I’m not bad at searching, so ADL guys, got any hot tips?

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Chika-Cha, Score to me! Now, enough with my little celebration and back to the topic.
I still think, Thomas (tombroz), that you could be able to get some filler and just fill the chip up and sand it back. Once that’s done you should be able to paint that section back to the original colour. The only hard bit would be finding the correct colour for the job and getting the paint spread so it evenly blends in with the rest. I have spray painted one of my frames recently and the outcome has been really good but I’m not too sure how it would go in your case.

it’s only chips… what’s the problem?

I like chips.
my roadie has more chips than paint.

Maybe Thomas doesn’t want the chips their though.

1: learn your grammar

2: stop being a smartass

3: htfu, they’re just paint chips

How am I being a smart-ass? I just answered his question in 2 large posts?