Tour de France 2011 Thread

We have a fantasy tour de france thread but not one relating to the race itself. Things need to change!

The Team Time Trial starts in less than a week, the teams are announced and the last prelim races have been run, so time to get in the mood for le tour.

I am pumped because I will be there (and will post pics) but I am also excited for this one because I think anyone could win. Contador got beaten twice at the Spanish nationals and there are a host of others who could perform. Thoughts and comments?

Also, really stoked to see Gossy starting for HTC, given that he is probably leaving at the end of the year I was impressed that he was in the team - probably because they need as many wins as they can get for sponsorship.

Especially as the first stage has an uphill finish, 2,2km at 4.7%, and HTC should be near the top for the TTT, meaning Gossy is a chance for the yellow jersey in the first week.

Also pumped for Gossy. Would love to see how he goes over the weeks. If he is in form he will have a big chance of a stage in the first week.

I don’t think fingerbang will be able to back up the Giro win with a win at the tour. I haven’t been impressed with Schleck’s lead-up to the race either. I get the feeling that something big will go down this year as well, like a massive drug bust, or some other kind of controversy.

It’s all a bit meh. No personalities to love/hate.

James! I reckon this is one of the most promising years, because for the reasons Dan has above, anyone could win. I give you until the Pyrenees before you change your tune.

And Schlek has that anger in his belly, remember?! He’s been hardly sighted all year, so I’m guessing he’s been pretty focussed on this one race. Contador could be tired from the Giro, and still has the tainted meat distraction.

Actually I’m impressed at Contador’s mental strength, and his ability to block out all the clenbutorol distractions and still win the Giro (comfortably). I’m assuming of course that there’s a drug that helps him with this.

Ok, ok, maybe i was a little hasty. Lets see how it pans out.

How can it possibly be boring with these dudes in the peloton?

More clenbuterol?

will also be present for last 4 stages I really hope there is some fight left by that time! anyone else here? will be ducking into a bar every arvo at around 3-4pm for the other stages.

would be great to see chavanel get a stage after being so close in the classics, love his work

Sweet. Kiwicyclist will be there also. For those that will be around, I am staying in Valloire (between the Telegraphe and Galibier) and will be riding every morning before the stages, so feel free to jump on board! Would be sweet to get some foa crew together for a stage or some food/drinks afterwards. For the Alpe d’huez stage I will be maybe 2/3 up the galibier, it will be less packed than d’huez once the autobus rolls through you can ride down the hill to find a bar in Valloire to watch the peloton climb up d’huez tv.

i disagree

C’mon, the ‘gendarme cousin’ skit is comedy genius! Benny Hill would be jealous.

Swapping the bike for a wife while watching the tour… we are staying in grenoble, for the galibier and d’huez finishes we’ll get as far as we can at sparrows fart and walk.

haha touche

Is Gabriel confirmed this year?

Make sure you go for a ride on the Telepherique. It’s rickety and scary and the view is magnificent.

And get some great Italian food at a restaurant called Pizzeria la Dolce Vita on Quai Perriere, which is the street that runs along the north side of the river.

Fuck yeah starts tonight.
Just had a brilliant plan of making a shitload of nachos and getting stuck into the homebrew. Could be a good first stage.

Can’t wait for tonight…

I have the official guide. The official iPad app which I am hoping will be as good as it says it is… some awesome TDF bunting from Rocketfuel on it’s way. Now to buy some no doz.

anyone watch the sbs pre race show on thursday night?

i taped it and am going to watch it shortly. worth an hour on a sunny saturday??