Tour de France [BEWARE SPOILERS]

Robbie is my hero. Did anyone else see it last night.

How the Fuck did he manage to stack with 20km to go, catch up to an accelerating peloton, rejoin, pass people, then destroy the field by a bike length from about 10th position all with a fucked up wirst…WORD!

Cant wait for tonights stage…back in France

yep, priceless. gotta love the bloke.

Truely amazing, to fight his way back through 150 riders after crashing and still having the legs for that sort of acceleration is just astonishing.


damn missed it. Will have to watch the highlights then live coverage tomorrow. Lucky I’ve been hyper and not sleeping anyway. Normally I’m a real bedbug at this time of year.

  • Joel

By all accounts SBS is showing a replay at 7:20 the next morning (though I cannot confirm this for sure)

Robbie is good, but don’t forget his champion team that went back for him then helped to push him to the front of the peleton.
He is a star though Boonan didn’t stand a chance!! :smiley:

I watched it…not much gets my arse up and off the couch but that sprint did.

As for Boo-Hoo-Nen…he made a real dick of himself on Belgian TV, claiming that Robbie ‘had it easy’ after rejoining the bunch…jeesus give the man and his team theur due…a 20 k chase after a crash, then slide your way through 150 riders approaching speeds of 60kmh, THEN totally smoke Boonen, Zabel, Hushovd and the rest? Easy? If BooHoo-Nen wants to wear green this year he’ll need to open a can of Harden The Fuck Up.

Just hope Robbie hasn’t overcooked himself

BooHooNen as he was so aptly named was having a sook cause he wanted to be in the Green for his countries stage.
Robbie proved last year that he had the stuff to outshine the others when it came to the sprints, I reckon he has another year left in him.
All we need now is some of the other Aussies to get into the action. :mrgreen:

Well Boonen took the green tonight. Holy shit that pile-up in the last 2km was pretty brutal. Must have sucked for the riders caught behind it, and the ones who went down (looked like some heavy falls).

I wonder how Cancellara’s wrist will go? Can’t be good for him, although he was shaking hands after the podium.

It was cool having those three break away so early and hold it for so long, I thought they were sure to get swallowed earlier.

ohhh that was rough !

Imagine being on his wheel…

Stegmans deserved a win ! Wonder how long it will be till he gets his own team train so he can win more stages ?

Aaah yes, I also prefer to think of him as Tom Poonen.

Seen here rocking the brown chamois while getting hosed by Stewie at this years Paris-Roobaix

do you shake hands with your left hand? :wink:

For the Google Earth nerds, get the TdF 2007 route here.

(at the beginning of the ascent of the Roselend)

Go Mick!

oh dear.

Mick and Stewie both out…

Yeah, what a brutal stage. So gutting to see Rogers finally pull to a stop, and then to hear that Stewy was in hospital. Only two Australians left? Puts a bit of national pressure on Cadel, let’s hope he rocks it.

dunno if it was just me… but it looked like mick’s forearm was broke in that slow motion :confused: You almost could see the pain.

Collarbone I think, judging from what the tour doctor was looking at when he pulled along side.

McEwan is out

only 2 aussies are left

i am devastated.

cadel better climb like a monster, he’s got all my hopes on his back now.

i haven’t seen it yet, but obviously they should have been in the first 15 riders, and this wouldn’t have happened